Made on the basis of safety assessment and/or agreement with the management or owner of the facility to be provided, the number of positions and the number of security officers is determined, in order to provide a higher level of security to prevent unauthorized entry into the protected area, stealing of products, spare parts and equipment, all types of abuse and theft.

During the engagement, the facility is necessarily appointed with the head of the security service, whose task is to carry out the organization and supervision of the entire security system and regularly inform clients about the current state.

Our security officers are checked by the Ministry of Interior of The Republic of Serbia, professionally trained, motivated and adequately equipped. They communicate using networked phones of our company and two-way radios.

One of our firm beliefs is that only satisfied employees can qualitatively secure assets. Our employees have a regular income, they are paid regardless of whether the client has made a payment or not, they are properly uniformed and equipped, RPD-FTO d.o.o. assumes full responsibility for the security of its employees, as well as other obligations related to physical and mental health and their safety at work.

Everyday cases are that someone in a day loses property he acquired all his life because of frequent thefts and robberies. Do not leave to case the safety of your property, please contact us for adequate technical protection.

Burglary and alarm protection systems

Using high quality intruder devices is one of the best ways to protect the assets. By installing this system, the probability of intrusion or attack on the object is reduced several times in relation to the object in which there is no such protection.

Burglary protection device has a preventive action on a potential intruder or attacker, because burglaries and attacks happen primarily on the unprotected locations.

In the case of armed robbery, so-called silent alarm can be used instead of sirens and automatic notification by telephone. 
Each built-in system of electronic protection device returns your investments in a short time, and its use value is multiplied by a constant work - observation of people and property.

We emphasize that the work of designing and installation must be performed by expert and reliable people, because the result of improper execution of the works can be partly or totally degraded performance of protection system. 

Alarm systems are designed to act preventively and to protect from possible adverse situations: burglary, glass breakage, fire, gas leak... by using various types of sensors (detectors). It is important to detect the burglary at an early stage - when attempting to break in the door, window or breaking glass. Alarm systems that we install use advanced signal processing technology, which enables reliable operation and prevents the appearance of "false alarms". In case of burglary, strong external siren and light signals are activated. Disabling the siren by burglars will not work, because the alarm system has its own power supply (optional), that when attempting to cut off the cable activates a sound and light alarm signalization.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance (CCTV) is an integral part of any serious security system.

Video surveillance is applied in different situations, from the control and supervision of workers to the prevention of theft and other offenses.

Associated with other types of sensors can be used for early detection and alarm signals.

We install video surveillance equipment of renowned manufacturers, which is able to meet all your requirements. At your disposal are a variety of types of cameras: external, internal, hidden, mini and others; of a high resolution image quality and compression, all depending on the desired ratio of quality and price.

Installation of video surveillance represents a one-time investment, by reducing potential harm and efficient supervision of daily operations, such investment in the long term is certainly worth it.

Access control device and time attendance

We install card access control systems that read various types of passes such as: magnetic card, entering the code, biometric cards, identification and other pendants; and biometric systems which operate on the principle of scanning a fingerprint, hand, eye, face, voice recognition, etc. They can be connected to the electronic lock on the door and prevent the entry of unauthorized persons.
The ability to combine with other protection systems (video monitoring, alarms), quality, reliable operation, ease of installation and affordable price are reasons to select the access control system.

The usage of time attendance device significantly facilitates tiring and time-consuming task of calculating and controlling working hours. Handling is very simple because the user is only required to report the magnetic card, the information is forwarded to the computer and processed with the program for data processing. The final result is a report with calculation of working hours for each employee.

Design, installation and maintenance of technical protection systems

By integrating leading edge technologies of known manufacturers in the field of technical protection, and with our experience and knowledge, we implement complete solutions adapted for the needs of the highest level of security of our customers and their property. Alarm systems and video surveillance systems (CCTV) have a very wide range of applications in technical protection from the smallest commercial and residential properties to large commercial centers, banks, educational institutions, sports facilities, special purpose facilities, storage space, etc. Asset protection is the main purpose of the alarm and CCTV systems. It is ensured with proper assessment of the security situation of the facility and analysis of all the possible ways of compromising the facility and property. High reliability of technical systems is provided with quality equipment selection, proper arrangement of cameras and alarm system elements, as well as high-quality installing.


Remote surveillance - Monitoring is a form of security that works by a built-in alarm systems on the user facility, which are associated with the Monitoring Center RPD-FTO d.o.o. where experienced operatives constantly monitor the work of connected alarm systems through a specialized software.

In case of alarm situation, Monitoring Center directs intervention team of mobile security on the endangered facility, at the same time informing the user, the police and, if necessary, an ambulance and the fire brigade.


Monitoring Center is a service that remotely monitors protected objects for 24 hours a day. It is equipped with the most modern technical means thanks to which, in the case of registration of any incident situation (such as burglary, fire ...), allows rapid and timely response. Monitoring Center maintains contacts with intervention teams and coordinate their work.

How does MONITORING work?

Phase I - DESIGN

To your invitation our security consultants will come to tour the facility that you want to secure. Consultants will present our services to you and perform a free security analysis of the facility, based on visiting and sketching the facility. After that they will propose to you the most optimal technical system of protection.

After selecting the appropriate alarm system and monitoring package, the next step is signing the contract.


Technical service installs an alarm system in your facility in shortest possible time. Then follows the user training on the proper use and other features of the system. The most important point in the installation of the system is to connect your alarm system with our Monitoring Center.

If you already have an alarm system, we advise you to do a step towards reducing the security risk by connecting to our Monitoring Center, which also significantly reduces the possibility of penetrating into the facility. Burglars primarily choose unprotected locations.

Your safety and security should be the top priority.


In cooperation with the private detective agency Diza d.o.o. Belgrade we provide the sevice of polygraph examinations and testing for companies and citizens.

Polygraph examinations/testing for companies includes:

  1. Prevention of internal conflict in the company
  2. Checking before employment
  3. Checking of insured adverse cases
  4. Prevention of financial losses
  5. The use of alcohol / drugs at the workplace
  6. Unfair treatment of workers
  7. Execution of criminal acts by an employee
  8. Other cases

Polygraph examinations/testing for citizens includes:

  1. Family relations
  2. Relationships outside the family
  3. Confirmation of giving a statement
  4. False accusations
  5. The use of alcohol / drugs
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Execution of criminal acts inside the family
  8. Other cases